2013 New Louis Vuitton Borse / Scarpe Vendita Economici A LV Italia Sito!

2013 New Louis Vuitton Borse

"Monogram canvas" - the eternal mirror one day you look at magazine exclaimed, Faye Wong carry this Louis Vuitton Borse  canvas bag, just like Angelina Jolie to take this small gridAberdeen canvas bag, look down, do not guess, the Cecilia destroyed this canvas bag must be LV Louis Vuitton undoubtedly.



Canvas, Plaid, Scarpe Louis Vuitton - 100 years ago, Louis Vuitton has such a face, one hundred years later, Louis Vuitton still has such a face. Monogram canvas LV Louis Vuitton faces, but also its timeless mirror.



Louis Vuitton Italia since 1896 officially launched a branding function "letter combination canvas" design day, "the letter combination canvas" has become the ultimate symbol of the Kingdom of the brand. From the first generation of Monogram canvas LV Louis Vuitton pattern, to son George Vuitton, the abbreviated name of the father of L and V with the flower pattern, design today is still renowned monogram printed on canvas (Monogram Canvas) the style, "the letter combination canvas LV Louis Vuitton continuation of 100 years of brand identity symbols



.In 1996, to celebrate the logo monogram 100th anniversary of the birth of LV Louis Vuitton, president of St. Carsley (Yves Carcelle) After three years of careful consideration, from all over the world were invited to attend the seven well-known avant-garde designers to design logo monogram new style bags, each one of these seven design, and later became LV Louis Vuitton to conquer the global fashion treasure.